Vile Creature ~ Sunrot

**All events 21+ — valid ID required for entry**Doors: 7 PMShow: 7:30 PMVILE CREATURESlow & heavy two piece with anti-oppressive and fantastical leanings. post-noise power sludge.

All Hell ~ Turn Cold

**All shows 21+ — Valid ID required for entry**Doors: 7 PMShow: 7:30 PMALL HELLAll Hell is a horror-influenced blackthrash/metalpunk band from Asheville, North Carolina. COLDZone 6 thrash. Trill em all.


TOWERHeavy band from NYC. Play it loud!

White Ring ~ Bestial Mouths ~ Trace Amount

**All shows 21+ — valid ID required for entry**Doors: 7 PMShow: 8 PMWHITE RINGWhite Ring was originally the duo of Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia, before they were joined by Adina Kurkimilis. One of the most acclaimed proponents of the “Witch House” movement, WHITE RING blend heavy, distorted electronics with eerie, unsettling vocals. MOUTHSAs the voice and spirit of Bestial Mouths, Lynette Cerezo is a powerfully haunting figure. Across international stages and recordings, spellbinding performances take audiences through voidic visions. From their inception in 2009, the core root of Bestial Mouths has combined Cerezo’s voice with myriad genre influences across the spectrum of goth, industrial, post-punk, New Wave, noise, metal, and other underground sounds using live acoustic and electronic drums and analog synthesizers. With a history in fashion design and gender activism, Cerezo’s visual and social aesthetics are interwoven deeply into Bestial Mouth’s presentation, building outward into captivating theatrical live performances. AMOUNTTrace Amount is the solo project of Brooklyn-based producer, vocalist, and visual artist, Brandon Gallagher. First conceived in 2019, Trace Amount took shape during the early stages of the pandemic, inspired by the grim realities of life in New York City at that time, and has evolved at a lightning pace ever since.The sound is a harsh strain of industrial music, evoking apocalyptic dread through primal rhythms, layers of synth and noise, and Gallagher’s distorted moans and screams. Decibel Magazine has hailed Trace Amount as a “one-man sonic demolition unit”; CVLT Nation has termed it, an “experimental industrial onslaught”; has warned, “Trace Amount is not for the faint of heart.”


*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*7 PM Doors7:30 PM ShowHAUNTHaunt was originally formed by Trevor William Church as a musical project to be worked on alongside his existing band Beastmaker; the project was to take on a traditional metal sound as opposed to Beastmaker’s doom metal style. In 2017 Church wrote and recorded Haunt’s debut release, the extended play Luminous Eyes, with Daniel Wilson playing drums for the recording. It was first released digitally, as an independent release, but it later received physical releases from the Shadow Kingdom Records label.In 2018, Church wrote and recorded one single for Haunt, “Ghosts.” Later that same year, Haunt released their first full-length studio album, Burst into Flame. Daniel Wilson returned to play drums for the album, this time as an official band member. Joining Church and Wilson for the album were Matthew Wilhoit on bass and John Tucker on guitar. Both Wilson and Tucker would stay as permanent members, but Wilhoit would be replaced by Taylor Hollman on following releases.In 2019, Haunt released their second EP, (Mosaic Vision) their second studio album, (If Icarus Could Fly) and two split albums. (A Fool’s Paradise / On the Streets Again and Sea of Dreams / The Crystal Temple). The following year they released their third and fourth studio albums, titled Mind Freeze and Flashback respectively, as well as the Burst into Demos compilation.”Haunt has been featured on the cover of Decibel magazine (February 2020), featured in Rolling Stone magazine and has made numerous “top” lists, such as Rolling Stone’s top 20 metal albums of 2018 (with Haunt at number 12). The band has toured with Municipal Waste, and Toxic Holocaust as well as fellow metal travelers such as Hell Fire and Idle Hands. Haunt’s Spotify plays for 2020 reached 1 million streams.

Knoll ~ Oktas ~ Lástima

KNOLLExperimental deathgrind based out of Tennessee. is an epic post doom metal band from Philadelphia. Formed in 2017 by bassist/vocalist Bob Stokes, with Carl Whitlock on bass, Agnes Kline on cello and Ron MaCauley on drums.ÁSTIMA

Incantation ~ Goatwhore ~ Bewitcher ~ Caveman Cult

*All events are 21+, valid ID required for entry*INCANTATION A megalith of the death metal underground whose New York scene association, aside the pioneers of the genre, head into a new chapter. Ever precise to their origins the band has witnessed and experienced the ebb and flow of the scene they helped create.Whether due to giving their support by providing some their first tour experience. Or having that equaled playing with such an array of musicians and bands in and outside the confines of the band. With 10 studio albums, videos even a TV commercial. Numerous releases being in the form of demo cassettes, 7 inches, LP, CD dedication still holds true with tireless effort. Hall of Fame, Top 10 lists honoring their discography through publications, internet and radio.Having gathered supporters and fans all along the 25 year journey. Circles devoted to all/specific eras or an audience’s first encounter. Incantation has crushed venues, festivals, and clubs with their rabid attendance. From North, Central and South America. Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia or Japan all have welcomed the inferno that scorched their lands.For a quarter century now we’ve been creating blasphemous death metal and still our indulgence is eternal…….. Under the Ibex Moon!   GOATWHORE “We wanted it raw. We wanted it organic. We wanted it to sound the way we do in the live setting,” relays Goatwhore frontman Ben Falgoust of the band’s latest output, Vengeful Ascension. Their seventh full-length and second recorded reel-to-reel, Vengeful Ascension was captured at Earth Analog in Tolono, Illinois (near Champaign, Illinois) with longtime soundman and comrade Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Gruesome), breaking a four-album tradition of working with Erik Rutan.   BEWITCHER Heavy metal at the speed of Satan.   CAVEMAN CULT Barbaric beastial death.


WILDERUNWith their brand new and now fourth studio album, progressive metal elemental force Wilderun have managed to deliver an equally timeless and epic masterpiece. Epigone stretches to a total of over an hour of listening experience and makes the hearts of all fans of Opeth, Haken and Devin Townsend beat faster. On their new longplayer, the hottest contenders for the prog metal throne traverse a variety of musical extremes, such as epic orchestral passages followed by hard guitar riffs, leaving nothing to be desired.

Ecstatic Vision (Elusive Mojo Record Release) ~ Heavy Temple ~ Flatwaves

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*7 PM Doors8 PM ShowECSTATIC VISION (ELUSIVE MOJO RECORD RELEASE SHOW)Elusive Mojo finds Ecstatic Vision firing on all cylinders with this unhinged, raw and dangerous new album. The band continues down their unique warpath mixing heavy psych rock, Detroit rock, proto-punk, and world music. The album contains caveman grooves that would rattle the remaining teeth out of the Asheton brother’s skulls, scorching saxophones that would make Nik Turner feel high on a potent mix of speed and Viagra, and basslines hot enough to melt down the Lemmy statue. Elusive Mojo was recorded live to 2” tape in their beloved hometown of Philadelphia by Joe Boldizar (Sonic Praise) with Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet), and mastered by their old drinking buddy Tim Green (Melvins). What emerged was a burly, timeless and unique sounding record that is hard to tell if it was recorded in 1971 or 2022. TEMPLEA trio of psychedelic doom metal deviants, here to take you on a wild ride. A dusty acid trip in the desert, Flatwaves combines fuzzed out heavy instrumentals with reverb drenched vocals, culminating in a cauldron of sounds that is part garage rock, part shoegaze, part surf goth, and part psych that feels like surfing through existential dread.

Traitor ~ Roadkiller ~ Brazen Hell ~ Skullovich

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*7 PM Doors7:30 PM ShowTRAITOR (Last Hope for the Wretched album release)Formed in the fall of 2012, Traitor includes Greg Lundmark on lead guitar and vocals, Brian Mikus on rhythm guitar and back up vocals, Tony Didonato on Bass, and Joe Rado on drums, back up and lead vocals. Traitor’s brand of heavy metal disregards trends, breaks free of the shackles of purity, and delivers an attack that is truly one of a kind. (Pick of the Litter album release)Roadkiller is a potent fusion of thrash metal, hardcore punk and hard rock, presented with a unique edge. Tank’s penchant for all-out riffing and her ear for the best drummer for the situation make one thing very clear: Roadkiller are not just another punk or metal band. Roadkiller is a group that represents the past, present and future of heavy, fast music. HELL (debut show)Dungeon Metal forged by cryptic thaumaturgy.Skullovich explores the lore of epic and dark fantasy whilst retaining an atmosphere that seeps into the mind, envisioning the clashing of blades and casting of deadly spells. Hymns telling tales of darkness and violence with hidden secrets that explore perceptions of morality. An ode to all who worship steel.