Veda Rays ~ Frend ~ Mandy Valentine

Ages 21 and up
Friday, May 27
Doors: 7pm Show: 7:30pm

Veda Rays are an alternative rock band which began as a modern extension of traditional dream pop, indie & post punk. The group has since developed a unique voice through several years of steadfast experimentation, making records, and filing through the ranks of the Brooklyn DIY scene. Analog synths, treated samples, and other varied electronic elements add an atmospheric richness. The orchestral flourishes and texturally nuanced sonics oft times broaden the scope unto cinematic heights or tighten the focus down to minimal depths. The lyrics and imagery often explore liminal spaces of abstraction and surreality, channeling subconscious impulses reacting to the present moment.

Post-hardcore heartbreak.  Melodically screaming about hard feelings over angular hooks and heavy grunge.  It’s very cathartic for everyone involved.