‘akhi huna ~ The Pom Poms

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, October 15
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 7:30pm

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**
Doors: 7 PM
Show: 7:30 PM

‘akhi huna
‘akhi huna is a Neo-Tropical duo from Sobradinho, Distrito Federal, Brazil formed by brothers Mansur JP and Dila Caju. In 2020, after living on separate continents, the brothers reunited in Brazil to kick off this project. As first-generation Lebanese Brazilians, the brothers pay ode to their roots with their stage name ‘akhi huna — an Arabic phrasing for “my brother is here”.  The group has released two mixtapes, “Aleluiá” (October 2020) and “Várzea Mini Jumbo” (April 2021). Their sound transits between the timelessness of Clube da Esquina’s songs, the cosmic funk of Jorge Ben, the retrofuturism of Daft Punk, and the deep melodies of Djavan. The first single released by ‘akhi huna, summertime sobrado, was highlighted by the New York magazine Remezcla.

The Pom Poms
The Pom-Poms is an explosive dance project by prolific artists and married couple Kitty (née Kitty Pryde) and Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid, Teen Suicide). Though their music has been classified as “dance” and “hyperpop”, The Pom-Poms tend to shy away from genre labels. Their 2018 debut “The Pom-Poms’ EP” and 2019 follow-up “I Was On The News” have been featured on numerous official playlists from Spotify and Apple Music. Recently, The Pom-Poms single “Watch Me” has been featured in commercials for Marshalls as well as Mindy Kaling’s “Sex Lives of College Girls” and Hulu original film “Not Okay”. With biting lyrics, mercurial instrumentals and day-glo imagery, The Pom-Poms create euphoric performance art aimed towards blurring the gender binary and quite literally cheerleading the revolution.