Nick Waterhouse ~ Ben Pirani Trio

AGE RESTRICTION: Only Ages 21+ can purchase tickets for this show. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for anyone underage who purchases or attempts to use these tickets. Doors: 8:00 PM Show: 9:00 PMNick Waterhouse“We had a joke in the studio,” says Nick Waterhouse. “Some of the guys were like, ‘Nick, you’re gonna end up at a press conference like Dylan in ’65: ‘Who’s The Fooler?’ ‘I don’t know, man, maybe it’s you! Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m becoming The Fooler right now…’”The title of the sixth album from the Californian singer-songwriter is more than just the name of one of its dozen immaculate tracks. The Fooler is both a clue and a red herring. The Fooler is the observed and the observer, narrator and subject, truth and lie. The Fooler is the shadow and reflection of a city the artist knows sufficiently well to wander with his eyes closed, and a place which very possibly never even existed. The Fooler is not so much an unreliable narrator as a constantly shifting perspective. The Fooler is the new album by Nick Waterhouse, and it’s a lot.Ben Pirani TrioSoul music is many things to Ben Pirani: It’s positive and it’s hopeful. It’s a soundtrack for struggle, which is where soul music came from in the first place. That the struggle has been happening largely in the black community is not lost on Pirani, who is white — it’s something he thinks about a lot. “I feel really strongly that soul music is precious and must be treated with care and respect,” he says. “Anything less is colonizing the funk.” That brings us to another crucial point: real soul can’t be faked — it’s an expression of self that is so much more than mimicry of the sounds that have come before. “It’s called soul music,” Pirani says. “You’re supposed to sing from your heart and your soul and not your record collection.”

**POSTPONED TO FEB 8TH** Songwriters Night “In the Round”

**POSTPONED TO FEB 8TH**AGE RESTRICTION: Only Ages 21+ can purchase tickets for this show. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for anyone underage who purchases or attempts to use these tickets. Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PMDillon Finn Dillon Finn is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter, currently residing in Delaware County. He’s the vocalist and guitar player for psychedelic rock band Alpaca Lips, while also filling in on bass and guitar for other bands in the Philly indie and jam music scene. His lyrics touch upon a wide array of topics ranging from mental health to love to reincarnation, while genre blending and putting his own creative spin on styles such as rock, funk, bluegrass, reggae and jazz.InstagramGina ZoIn 2016, Gina Zo joined Team Blake on The Voice’s tenth season and later formed Velvet Rouge. In 2022, she became a part of the Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter for her rock endeavors. Velvet Rouge was voted Best Rock Band in Philadelphia and featured in Philly Style Magazine in 2022. They were WMMR’s Local Shots Artist of the Month in March 2023 and performed at various Philly venues, NPR, and internationally in Toronto. As they gear up for their 2024 EP release, recorded at top Philadelphia studios, including hits like ‘Faking It’ that gained nationwide success. The band is currently on tour in NYC, Toronto, LA, and beyond.InstagramKikashima Based in Philadelphia, featured on WXPN’s Key Studion Sessions and fresh off NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest Road Show, Kikashima is the performing name of Mexican-Japanese-Californian singer/songwriter, Carissa Matsushima. Kikashima’s heart-wrenching vocals, and down-to-earth rock ballads move body and soul, range from whisper to wail, and represent everything from profound beauty to deep-seeded grief. Her two debut singles, “Running Away” and “Not Goin WIth U” have been featured on WXPN’s Local and Midday Shows and are available on all streaming platforms.InstagramKat RiversKat Rivers is a singer-songwriter based in Philadelphia, known for her soulful, story-driven pop/rock anthems with an occasional southern flair. Sought after in the live music scene for her punchy vocals, high riffs, and relatable, kicked-back vibe, her songs are well-loved for their ear-catching harmonies and lyrics with tenderness and spunk. InstagramMax DaveyMax Davey shares her personal journey through intimate folktronica music. Max’s songs are about love, loss, and all the weird stuff in between.InstagramStone Cold GraceStone Cold Grace is the solo project of Sara Johnson, an indie folk musician based in Philadelphia. Johnson writes songs to unravel even the smallest pockets of the human experience. Her debut EP, phantom reciprocity, released independently in September 2021.Instagram

Todd Morton ~ J Halliday ~ Mariano Mallia

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PMTodd Morton Mariano Mallia Marianomallia 

Joshua Hyslop ~ Kevin Brosky

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM Joshua HyslopVancouver based singer-songwriter Joshua Hyslop makes a triumphant return with new album Westward, via Nettwerk. Since emerging with his 2012 full-length debut Where The Mountain Meets The Valley, Joshua Hyslop has accumulated over 293 million streams worldwide, performed over 250 shows spanning North America and Europe, garnered critical acclaim and support throughout the media and industry peers and has carved out an impressive diehard fan base. BroskyKevin Brosky has grown into the Philadelphia music scene over the past 10+ years as a member of several local rock bands. In 2019, he set out for the first time as a solo artist, recruiting friends he’s made along the way into the studio to perform on new original recordings. 2021 saw the release of a debut EP, Timetables, which is available now on music streaming platforms.

Della Chase ~ Port Arthur ~ Kikashima

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PMDella ChaseDella Chase is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Her sound ranges from a mix of soul, R&B, pop, and instrumental, and adds some classical and folk inspirations. No instrument is off-limits in her music! She has been in the indie scene for years, working with other local artists and rappers in Philly. She’s had her music in some indie films as well. B.C. (before covid) she had a mini-residency at The Tusk on South Street in Philadelphia. Her plans are to open up for other artists with similar sounds in the near future. ArthurPort Arthur stands at the crossroads between folk and jazz, between the earth and the sea, and between matter and mind. Port Arthur’s foundation is the music of Philadelphia singer-songwriter Luke Shefski, in collaboration with a most remarkable ensemble of Temple alum musicians. They take inspiration from the untamed energy that simmers just below the surface of the ocean, and from the dark, wild corners of the forests of Pennsylvania. is the band, moniker, and brainchild of half-Mexican, half-Japanese singer-songwriter Carissa Matsushima. Kikashima is a sweet, soulful, and thunderous rock band that blends heart-wrenching melodies, dance beats, and funky bass lines. You may have seen them at places like Dobb’s on South (Philly) and C’mon Everybody (NYC). Aside from playing shows with the band, Kikashima also produces original music and scores for NYC based multimedia dance/installation artist Alicia Raquel ( You can keep up with their shows and shenanigans on IG @kikashimamusic  

Christiana Ward ~ Pale Shade ~ Mandy Valentine

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 0:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM Christina WardChristina Ward is a musician & producer from the Philadelphia area. Her songwriting & arrangements guide the listener through a forest of drum machines, synthesizers, & effects that create an intimate & immersive space. She lives mostly in a little river town & spins her existential dread into sad songs. Pale Shade Mandy ValentineNever taking themselves too seriously, Philadelphia based 5 (or more) piece Mandy Valentine brings a fresh take to some classic country and rock n roll themes. With galloping rhythms, close harmonies, and lyrics like, “I see a whippoorwill, oh, start to fly and feel so lonesome baby I could cry”, Mandy Valentine hopes to evoke mid century country icons like Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, and the Everly Brothers—just if they were a little more punk. Fronted by predominant song writer, Missy Pidgeon, MV will surely appeal to anyone previously a fan of the catchy, singable melodies found in her prior Philly based garage/surf band, Blushed. Missy is joined by Abbey Heir on percussion and vocals, Sam Perduta on guitar, Jay Johnson on bass, and Mattie Klauser on drums. While MV is a new band on the scene, all of its members have been active in Philly DIY for a while including in ongoing projects like Pillow Princess, Elison Jackson, and Three Yards to Dover. With their experience comes a relaxed comfort on stage that invites audiences to get loose, boot scoot, and tumble along like a tumbling tumbleweed. MV is currently working on recording music at Tralfamadore in South Philly with Mattie leading production.

Arlie ~ Whitehall ~ The Sewing Club

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 6:30 PM Show: 7:00 PMArlieArlie is a band created by singer-songwriter, composer & multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Banks. It began in summer 2015 as a solo bedroom project and grew to incorporate a full-band live show by fall 2016. Since Arlie started playing live, Adam Lochemes and Carson Lystad have been part of the performing ensemble on drums and guitar, respectively. Ryan Savage joined on bass in 2018. During the pandemic and the year prior, everyone involved in the group wound up going through some of the hardest times of their lives, in one way or another. But despite some major setbacks and challenges, they managed to come together and finish a debut full-length album as a team, with Ryan and Adam as co-producers alongside Nathaniel, Carson as a trusted go-to perspective, all together bringing a new batch of Banks’ songs and demos to full fruition. After finishing the record, the group added Noah Luna to the performing ensemble as a backing vocalist and multi- instrumentalist to complete the live show.Whitehall Sewing Club

Semler ~ Isabel Pless

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM SemlerSemler (Grace Baldridge, all pronouns), a queer singer-songwriter and content creator, has just announced their latest offering, Stages of a Breakdown out April 13th, 2022. The 5-song EP chronicles the saga of emotion following the demise of a pivotal relationship. This is not the first time Semler has rustled feathers through their strikingly honest and heartfelt music. Their February 2021 EP Preacher’s Kid, recorded independently and reaching over a million streams in the first few months, broke barriers when it rocketed to the #1 spot on the iTunes Christian music charts—making Semler the first openly queer artist to hold that position. In October 2021, Semler repeated the feat again rising to #1 – with their EP Late Bloomer. It racked up more than 250k Spotify streams in its first week, with double that on Apple Music.Semler’s bookends of Preacher’s Kid and Late Bloomer found humor, hurt, and healing at the intersection of queerness and faith and ignited grassroots support for the artist who began booking shows around the US – both headlining and sharing stages with Katie Pruitt and Relient K. Semler takes a leap of faith in questioning aspects of Christian culture and Christian responses to the LGBTQIA+ community through satire, love, and earnest feelings of hurt. Semler’s steady growth and candid songs & content have both touched a nerve and united a community, not to mention earned the attention of hundreds of thousands of listeners eagerly awaiting their next project.Stages of a Breakdown continues this momentum through a hard-hitting, brutally honest narrative of an EP. Over a two-week period in December 2021, Semler’s oldest friendship devolved into a total collapse because of anti-queer religious sentiment. Through the accusations, late-night text messages, and heartbreak, Semler wrote Stages… each song capturing a piece of what Semler felt during those two weeks.The first track “You’re Not My Friend,” released as a single with accompanying music video on April 1, 2022, is cathartic, tongue-in-cheek storytelling and sets the stage for the narrative to unfold. Next, “Don’t Tell Anyone” is a sultry, indie-pop bop written from Semler’s ex-friend’s perspective. “Twenties” then provides Semler’s response to that judgment and loss of love. The final tracks, “Raise Up” and “Outro,” narrate a resolution to the pain and find Semler once again searching for divinity amidst chaos. Pless

Brit Taylor ~ Christiana Benton

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:40 PM Brit TaylorWhen hard times come calling, they don’t tap at the door to be invited in. They barge straight in and wreak havoc. Just ask Singer/Songwriter Brit Taylor who found her idyllic life suddenly turned upside down, and she was left in a downward spin. It was a new feeling and a scary one. But she called on her upbringing, her faith and her family for strength, and she dug herself out with grit and determination and music. Capturing life and pain with poetic ease and plain honesty is what the emerging Americana sensation does well. Brit writes and sings about what she lives, what she knows. Real Me, her debut album being released November 20, is a self-reflective, 10-song LP telling of a journey to self-awareness. The aptly titled album has a unique vulnerability that is both empathetic and empowering.Spotify | Instagram | YouTube | TikTokChristiana Benton

Jonny West ~ Francisco Martin ~ Fritz Hager ~ Allegra Miles

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**Doors: 7:00 PMShow: 7:30 PMJONNY WEST MARTINAfter his first-ever tour, and a clutch of well-received singles, Los Angeles-based, San Francisco-born pop singer-songwriter, and producer Francisco Martin realized he had an all-consuming yearning to be his authentic self in his music. To that end, he worked feverishly in his apartment at all hours of the night while facing complaints from the neighbors. He now emerges with his first true artistic statement, the 6-song EP, Manic, a bold collection of emotionally-raw pop-rock. Francisco first shot to fame with American Idol season 18 in 2020 where he placed Top 5. From there, he quickly released a few singles before embarking on a fall coast-to-coast tour. To date, Francisco has released several hit singles, including “Swollen,” which has amassed close to 8 million streams across all DSPS (6 million on Spotify). Manic was made during a three-month pause after Francisco was thrust in the public eye. It was created by Francisco and his co-producer/good friend Nick Sarpa in Francisco’s apartment studio setup. The release bursts with dynamic musicality such as stately balladry, cathartic, grungy aggression, catchy EDM, and moments of soulful serenity. Throughout the EP,  Francisco bravely shares personal reflections on mental health, relationships, angst, and human disconnection in the age of connection. HAGER MILESAllegra Miles is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in San Diego, she then spent 5 years living on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands before moving to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2014, and most recently, Los Angeles. At age 17, Allegra was a semi-finalist on NBC’s “The Voice,” season 18, finishing in the top 9. More recently, Allegra was a finalist on the 20th season of “American Idol,” where she performed her original music and received enthusiastic praise for her songwriting and artistry from the celebrity judges. Allegra has a distinct, recognizable sound that creates an atmosphere and makes you feel something. Her original music draws inspiration from soul, indie-alternative, R&B, and singer-songwriter styles. She has garnered a loyal fanbase in South Florida and around the world, and will be touring the US this fall and winter with songs from her upcoming EP. 

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