Ruby The Hatchet ~ Heavy Temple ~ Sonja + Riff Mountain & Wicked Sisters DJs (The Loft)

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM RIFF MOUNTAIN & WICKED SISTERS DJsBEHOLD ! When the Riff Mountain and Wicked Sisters DJs join forces, you will enter a journey to the Wicked Mountain – an auditory onslaught of retro rock, glam, garage, metal + deep cuts hand-picked and hand-spun on vinyl before. after and in-between acts. RUBY THE HATCHETForming in a snowed-in New Jersey basement circa 2009, heavy psychedelic rock quintet Ruby the Hatchet mix other-worldly melody with heavy, roaring riffs; landing on a sound best heard at a dark carnival in the recess of a dream. Reminiscent of early heavy metal with heart and harmony a la groups like Rainbow, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple and Priest, the band is trademarked by the howling, dynamic vocals of Jillian Taylor and drummer / vocalist Owen Stewart, as well as the wild playing of organist Sean Kahn Hur, guitarist Johnny Scarps Jr., and bassist Lake Muir. Whether up on a big stage or tucked away between tour stops in a more intimate venue, this group lives for the live show and will stun you with a high-energy, authentic rock ‘n’ roll performance. Join them in celebrating their 4th studio full length, Fear Is a Cruel Master. TEMPLEPhiladelphia’s Heavy Temple formed in 2012 during a brutal mid-Atlantic winter, and quickly  released a pair of critically acclaimed EPs that presented a mature blend of fuzzy grooves, doom,  and heavy psychedelia with occult motifs and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.   Since its inception, the band has made waves throughout the heavy rock underground,  galvanizing their brain-melting attack over the course of tours with Corrosion of Conformity,  Ruby the Hatchet, Ecstatic Vision, and Royal Thunder, and appearances at fests including  Psycho Las Vegas, Desert Fest New York, The Obelisk All-Dayer, Muddy Roots and Decibel  Metal and Beer.  Fusing their strongest lineup into place just ahead of the pandemic, Heavy Temple took  advantage of the forced layoff from touring to finish and release their first official full-length,  Lupi Amoris, which arrived in June 2021 on Magnetic Eye Records. In addition, they honed their  cosmic heaviness and have been crafting yet another collection of blistering, riff-laden  incantations.  Ready for a world that allows this well-oiled riff machine back onstage, the band proudly  presents a heavy psychedelic expedition that seamlessly weaves from boogie van grooves to  Candlemassian gravitas.

Arch Echo ~ The Resonance Project

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**Doors: 7:00 PMShow: 7:30 PMArch EchoArch Echo is the brainchild of five musicians who wish to push the envelope of modern music. Our goal is to create music that is not only complex, but accessible to the listener, delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Formed in 2016, Arch Echo exploded onto the progressive metal/fusion scene with a debut self-titled album that gained worldwide attention, housing popular songs “Hip Dipper” and “Color Wheel”. Tours in North America and Europe soon followed including a mainstage debut at the UK Tech Fest in 2018. Arch Echo returned with a 2019 follow up “You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!” and set their sights on even more expansive touring. Tours with artists such as Tony Macalpine, Periphery, Plini, Vola and a co-headline Japanese tour with Jacky Vincent brought their powerful live sound to new ears all over the world. In late 2020, the band released their 4-track EP, “Story I”.  The Resonance Project

ZETA ~ edhochuli ~ Moxie ~ Olivine

**All shows 21+—valid ID required**Doors: 7 PMShow: 7:30 PMZETA EDHOCHULIZeta is a collective art piece. Defined by its strong emphasis on dense polyrhythmic percussion that sway from profoundly authentic Afro-Caribbean to the most crude and raw punk with atmospheric elements that are drawn from 70’s era Psychedelia and post-rock to form a visceral, intense and unique listening experience. Zeta are known for touring relentlessly – and due to their nomadic nature they foster and adopt artistic communities from all over the globe. Website / Spotifyedhochuliedhochuli is a band from Pittsburgh whose compositions tend to be described using words like: epic, twisting, labrynthian, homeric. These sonic tales will, in one fit, range from prog to punk to stoner to mathy metal but will refuse to rest in any pre-formed idea your brain might be biased to evoke in a moment. 5 friends who like to hang real hard.  some may think they play too loud, but they don’t really give a shit. BandcampMoxie”Finally, the first full-length album from this power trio. Pop Sounds shatter the senses with 18-tracks and 42-minutes of searing riffs and rhythmical disarray. MOXIEBEAT pulls you into a noise-repleted world where thrashing chords collide with rapid hits and droning train wrecks. Dark tones accompany themes of departure, justice and positive nihilism. Toss your phone in a landfill, Pop Sounds deflect all reception.”— Idioteq“MOXIEBEAT is a dynamic blend of 80’s spirited piss, 90’s technical vomit, and tomorrow’s generation of a short attention spanned-apocalyptic- fecal storm. They are distinctly energetic and mercilessly heavy but swift on their toes… Their mood is dark, adroitly chaotic, and their sound is harmoniously accomplished at tripping circuit breakers at any given note.”— Sputnik MusicBandcampOlivineGettin rich in the math rock business

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