Drizzy’s Room (Drake Dance Party)

Life is good, Drizzy’s room is in Philly!   Kung Fu Necktie Sat. April 13 10PM 21+ to YOLO   Featuring your favorite rap hits like In My Feelings, Rich Baby Daddy, Nice for What, and more! 𓅓   If you miss the old Drake then come thru, @thedanceparties got things to do!

Mall Rat (Nu Metal Party)

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 10:00 PM Show: 10:00 PM Sad & Boujee presents MallЯat – we’re bringing it back to 1999 for a brand nu party experience.  @sadandboujeeparty

Hotel Canal ~ Pivert ~ Anne Fahn ~ Waycool Junior ~ Plastic Loverboy

Hotel Canal rings in the New Year at Kung Fu Necktie for a night of quality House, Indie, and UKG. This time we welcome the woodpecker, “Pivert” of Belgium for his live stateside debut as our opening set, and the infamous “Plastic Loverboy” of Thesis/Antithesis, Kaleido, Nu Romantic, Capriccio, and many others for the sweet sounds of the U.K. underground to end the night. Anne Fahn and Waycool Junior will be holding down the middle with some classic house and indie infused electronic sounds. Check in and enjoy the ride…https://www.instagram.com/hot.elcanal/

Kpop Club Night (The Loft)

It’s time to get down with DJ Yuka K and the world-famous Kpop Club Night crew on March 1st! They bring the music and vibes, you bring that front-row of the concert energy! This event is limited entry to those 21 years of age and over.  #KpopClubNight #Kpopparty #Kpopevent #Kpopdj #필라델피아  #フィラデルフィア#philadelphia #philly #phillynights http://tiktok.com/@kpopclubnight http://instagram.com/kpopclubnight  http://tiktok.com/@djyuka http://instagram.com/djyuka

YEAH! : 90s/2000s R&B and Hip Hop Jams

YEAH! : 90s/2000s R&B and Hip Hop Jams   PEACE UP, PHILLY!     Kung Fu Necktie  Sat. February 10  10PM  21+ to Love in this Club   Hey Ya! We welcome Lovers and Friends to party with us for a good good time!  Featuring all your favorite 90s/ 2000s hits from artists like Usher, Missy Elliott, T-Pain, Destiny’s Child, Lil Jon, & so much more!   DJ @djchrisbolts got us fallin’ in love    @thedanceparties got the NIGHT to make your booty go..! 


AGE RESTRICTION: Only Ages 21+ can purchase tickets for this show. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for anyone underage who purchases or attempts to use these ticketsDoors: 10:00 PMShow 10:00 PMTIMALIKESMUSIC“Yo, tonight we are all family. So, at the count of three, everyone yell out yourfavorite curse word.”So starts a typical show by R&B/Funk keyboardist, vocalist and band leaderTimaLikesMusic. Backed by drums, bass, trumpet, guitar, and a second keyboardist,TimaLikesMusic shows are full of James Brown-style energy and musical comedy.“When I say ‘I like’ you say ‘Music’… I Like – Music, I Like – Music…”Tima’s big break came during Covid when she appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show totalk about her viral series of humorous jingles posted on Instagram’s Reels platform. Sincethen, Tima has composed music for companies & brands including Iliza Shlesinger’s 2022Netflix special Hot Forever, Ralph Lauren’s short film, A Portrait of the American Dream,National Public Media podcast sponsorships, and more. Her work on a podcast created inconjunction with YouTube and National Public Media, The Upload: Rise of the CreatorEconomy, won Best Branded Podcast at the 2022 PR Daily Content Marketing Awards.”Fans adore her relatable content — she’s sung about everything from theawkwardness of social interactions, to how to properly wear a face mask, to thefrustration of getting only one sauce packet with her fast food meal.” – NY PostTima’s summer 2023 EP, Love, Daddy Princess, is a nod to the smooth 80’s and 90’s R&Bera. Listen carefully and you can hear the influences of Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston,and Sade.Tima also produces and performs TimaLikesMusic Presents: That 90’s Love – old-schoolR&B dance parties in which she hosts and DJs, accompanied by a live drummer. Most ofher live shows start with the live band set, leading into the TimaLikesMusic Presents: That90’s Love after party.After selling out venues in Brooklyn, NY and Washington D.C., Tima signed withWasserman super agent Andrea Johnson. More tours have since been booked, moremusic has been recorded, and more plans have been made. You should probably jump onthis train before it leaves you behind at the station.The beginning piano notes of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton ring out. Theaudience roars. “You want some funk on it?” The audience becomes a crowd, andthe roar grows. “We gonna put some funk on it. Ready?!”They are.

Real Love: a Tribute to 90’s R&B

REAL LOVE: A Tribute to 90’s R&B IS IN PHILLY 2/29/24! REAL LOVE is so rare.    We are so lucky to experience it. REAL LOVE is caring about the happiness in others without wanting anything in return. It’s got to be REAL!    The night is centered around the biggest era for R&B music and not just the jawns but the jams as well.     Join us for a night focused on R&B as we use music to create moments with each song selected by The one and only: Boi Jeanius Ft J-SHARP & Cristian Lucas Come through, Bring the crew! See you @ Kung Fu NeckTie 2/29/24 FREE with RSVP til 11pm $10 PRE-SALE tickets $15 at the door 21+

Club Saltburn

WELCOME TO CLUB SALTBURN  Time to pretend like it’s a 2007 midsummer night’s dream    Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia  Thu. March 21  8PM  21+ on the Dancefloor We’re all about to lose our minds  Don’t let this opportunity slip down the drain , follow for more @thedanceparties 

The Tortured Partiers Department – Taylor Swift Night

It’s a new soundtrack    And so we enter into evidence…   … an album listening party that you cannot miss!    Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia  Thursday, May 9  10PM  21+   All’s fair in love and partying…   Sincerely, The Chairman of The Tortured Partiers Department (@22andgood4u)    tickets & more info at 22andgood4u.com !!!

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