Kevin Holliday

AGE RESTRICTION: Only Ages 21+ can purchase tickets for this show. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for anyone underage who purchases or attempts to use these tickets. Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PMKevin HollidayBorn and raised in Brooklyn, Kevin Holliday is an independent New York-based artist whose musical expression defies genre. His inspirations and influences range from Prince, to Solange, to Pharrell Williams. Kevin’s music has rapidly grown since the start of his career, and he now has over 3M streams on his most popular songs, “Regrets” and “Tennis Courts”. He recently completed two separate tours with the alternative pop artists Kid Bloom and Hojean, performing 26 shows across the US and Canada. With over 12M organic streams across platforms, Kevin is positioned for a major break in 2024. Kevin Holliday’s debut album Ladybug recently droped. A mostly self-produced tracklist with a whirlwind of different emotions. Ladybug is Holliday’s most complete work to date.

Thumpasaurus & Guerilla Toss

Thumpasaurus + Guerilla Toss at Underground ArtsFriday, December 1st, 2023Doors: 7:00 PM | Show: 7:30 PM21+ ThumpasaurusWebsite | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify In the beginning there was Thump… The primordial groove of the Universe. Thump thumped its way through all things. In the beginning groove was harmony, and harmony was groove, and it was good. Long before the age of humans, the Thumpasaurus roamed the Earth, serving the cosmos as the teachers of the Thump. The thump traversed all beings, and the Thumpasarus helped distribute its secret wisdom to all sentient and non-sentient creatures. It was good. As time passed and the Earth fluctuated between periods of great peace and great unrest, the Thumpasaurus became a threat to growing forces of evil- who fueled by a primary motivation in consumerism sought to eliminate the Thumpasaurus. To save the species and protect the goodness of the Universe, The Thumpasaurus fled the earth to the outer reaches of space time – though the Thumpasaurus swore to return to the Earth as harbingers of the age of reawakening. In their last gift to the consciousness of the cosmic manifestation of the Earth and its beings, the Thumpasaurus wrote down the secrets of the Thump in a manuscript of real troof and buried it in a sacredly SECRET location (the Appalachian mountains) in hopes that the Thump would survive and benefit future generations with happiness, love, and thump. As buildings turned to sand, and memories to dust, so too did the ancient memory of the Thumpasaurus and with them disappeared the philosophy of Thump.  Guerilla TossWebsite | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |  SpotifyDig deep enough inside yourself—start treating your body as your sanctuary rather than your enemy—and eventually you’ll find yourself blooming right back out into the sun. That’s the transformation Guerilla Toss trace on their newest album “Famously Alive,” their effervescent Sub Pop debut. After a decade sprinkling glitter into grit, building a reputation as one of the most ferociously creative art-rock groups working, the upstate New York band have eased fully into their light. This is Guerilla Toss at their most luminescent—awake, alive, and extending an open invitation to anyone who wants to soak it all up beside them. Singer and lyricist Kassie Carlson, multi-instrumentalist Peter Negroponte and guitarist Arian Shafiee wrote “Famously Alive” at home in the Catskills during the pervading quiet of the pandemic year. 

The Whips ~ Hot Dad Calendar ~ Erika Lobati

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 7:30 PM The WhipsFueled by stimulants, a love of funk music and the need to compensate for something, Four life long friends set out to travel the country competing to embarrass each other and rope unsuspecting strangers into their escapades. Is this Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers? No this is The Whips! Hailing from the longitudinal center of the United States, The CEOs of Midwestern Funk continue to cruise the sweet freeways of the U.S. of A. to swap sweat (and more?) with fans of the high stakes funk pop filled with both hooks AND grooves so syncopated that they reset all clocks in a 40 mile radius. They also surf the waves of the web with their rapidly accumulating internet following gained from viral videos of their funkiest moments. Build a song? that was them! Call and response game? That was them! The Hindenburg disaster? no comment. Each member of The Whips have pledged their life, and the life of their first born child to the pursuit of high energy funk that makes your toes tingle and they have NO BACK UP PLAN! They’re so funky, sweaty and mildly famous online, so what are you waiting for? STREAM THEIR STUFF! BUY A TICKET! OUT OF CASH? SELL YOUR BONES! Join The Whips today and recruit two friends to be your own boss!Love,The WhipsInstagram | Tik Tok | SpotifyHot Dad Calendar Lobati

Romaine ~ OJ Mountain ~ Mars Counsel

**All shows 21+—valid ID required** Doors: 7:00 PM Show: 8:00 PM RomaineJust like the lettuce, romaine if they let us. Romaine is a delightful alternative R&B band holding it down in Philadelphia, PA, founded by singer-songwriter Liam Taylor. Fueled by the funk, Romaine captures the beauties of dance, trance, pressure, and meditation, and funnels it into a whole new sound. The band released their debut EP, Cycle Thru, in January of 2022, and has performed at several notable Philly venues including World Cafe Live and Milkboy. This leafy batch plans to release more studio and live sessions for the good people soon; sustainable and fresh from the garden.Instagram: @JustLikeTheLettuceSpotify: MountainOJ Mountain is a indie hip-hop artist and saxophonist from Boston, MA currently living in Philadelphia, PA. His old school inspired flows matched with his abstract and jazzy instrumentals pair for a refreshing combo of fresh and authentic music. He is conceptually invested in the medium of collage both sonically and visually. He includes snippets from old sci-fi movies, obscure TV shows, and miscellaneous vocal samples to create atmosphere in his tracks. Due to being inspired by jazz and 90’s hip-hop, OJ works his saxophone playing into his web of complex lyrics to form a style unique to himself.Instagram: @OJMountainSpotify: CounselMars Counsel is an indie-soul project that takes purpose from the beauty and pain of dreams to reality. Forged by singer-songwriters kaile and James Kull, Mars Counsel brings together driving melodies with a soulful lyrical approach to songs you could’ve sworn you heard before. Remembering their roots, but embracing growth, life moves with the project.Instagram: @MarsCounselSpotify:

Hotbed ~ Stolen Gin at Kung Fu Necktie

HOTBED”Hotbed is a four-piece rock outfit based in Philadelphia, PA. Drawing on influences ranging from classical music to reggae, they’ve created an infectious brand of indie rock. They’re a group of friends first and foremost who happen to also make really cool music together. Established within the Philly music scene, Hotbed is proving themselves to be one of the best up-and-coming bands in the city.”   STOLEN GIN YOUR FUNKY FRIENDS :)Stolen Gin combine elements of disco, funk, and dance music to form a unique and groovy sound. With influences ranging from Phish and The Grateful Dead to Daft Punk and Parcels, Stolen Gin strikes the balance between old-time jam band music and modern dance music.

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